Friday, August 4, 2017

Martian Children's Programming

This may be something completely different, but it is certainly very cool.  Possibly examples of Martian children's programming. . .

The OceanMaker CGI Animated Short Film 


The Last Day of War

Space Pirates by Alice Cooper

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Brewing Bad

Drugs and contraband in The Expanse can get very, um, strange.  While every fan knows about Miller's Great Cheese Investigation, there are plenty of other things that people can get into trouble for.

Cheese Smuggling, Seriously

This stuff is really happening, today, on Earth.

Ah, the power of Cheese. . .

Feeding the Belt

Here are some links and thoughts on the foodstuffs that would be available in The Expanse.

Hydroponics and cultured meats are likely to play a big role in off-world agriculture.

Thankfully, the future will not be completely dominated by beans and rice.

While faux something-made-from-soybeans meat substitutes and variations on tofu will dominate off-world protein supplies, lab grown meat will be available, for a price.

But let's not forget fish.

Here's some thoughts on what might pass for whiskey on Ceres.

Let's not forget beer, likely made mostly from rice.